PCS Play Images 2010–2011
Role: Art Direction
Client: Portland Center Stage
Year: 2010

As art director, my involvement for each image varied. Sometimes a designer needs a concept and a few extra sketches. Sometimes a designer just needs to be told: “That’s amazing.” The process was unique for each.

The following designers created the images:
Julia McNamara (Sunset Boulevard, A Christmas Story, The Santaland Diaries)
Michael Buchino (An Iliad, Futura, Opus)
Rachel Ann Lindsay (The Imaginary Invalid)*
Santiago Uceda (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)
Patrick Weishampel (BUST)
Lloyd Winter (Love, Janis)

* Designed in 2007 with art direction by Francesca Restrepo; typography by Michael Buchino in 2010